Bees & Trees

Oritain has collected and analysed samples from batches of Bees and Trees honey and can verify if they are consistent to origin claims. Click here to view Bees and Trees' origin certificate or search code 32DK47:

Bees & Trees have partnered with Oritain to verify the origin of their honey

Our scientific traceability tracks a specific product back to the source rather than relying on packaging or barcodes. We have created an 'Origin Fingerprint' for Bees & Trees honey that exists due to the intrinsic chemical properties in the environment that the honey is produced in.

With this information, Bees & Trees can test any of their honey from the retail shelf and right throughout the supply chain to verify where it comes from.

With consumers increasingly demanding origin information, Bees & Trees have taken a great step to ensure its customers are fully aware of the origin of their honey products, adding assurance and transparency.


Produced from the flowering Manuka trees found only in New Zealand, Bees & Trees honey is a raw, natural product. They identify each jar with the extraction batch and harvest year. Bees & Trees never blend, heat, pasteurize, or otherwise alter what the bees and the trees have created.

Surrounded mostly by native forests, the cropping sites are remote, even by New Zealand standards. Bees & Trees honey comes from the Taranaki region and they believe that the micro-climate of this region contributes to the superior taste of their Bees & Trees honey.


“High-value products like Manuka honey are at risk the world over from mislabeling or adulteration.  We know exactly where our Manuka honey comes from, and thanks to the certification by Oritain, so do you.” - Mike Everly, Founder, Bees & Trees 

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