An Oceania study published in 2012 found that 33% of 1,215 samples of fish were mislabeled.

There have been numerous other examples of food fraud involving fish. Some people get caught, but many likely do not. Businesses spend many years and thousands of dollars building a reputable brand, and it can so easily be stolen. 

The provenance stories of aquaculture products enrich brand stories for consumers. With Oritain our science can determine the origin of farmed aquaculture products and add real credibility to provenance claims. 

Our science works across multiple farmed species including salmon, oysters and mussels.

Origin Resolution
  • Country of Origin
  • Farm of Origin

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How it works

Product samples collected

Samples analysed in laboratory

Fingerprint of product is determined

Fingerprint stored in Oritain database

Fingerprint is ready to audit against 'suspect' samples to check their authenticity

People we work with

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Setting the standard of product traceability with Oritain Verification

As a customer of ours, you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits; Not only will your products and therefore your brand be protected from any issues, but proof of origin can be utilised as a useful marketing tool, especially when exporting to overseas markets.

Proof of origin is increasingly becoming a consumer need in today’s markets, which is why we have created our very own ‘Oritain trustmark’. Any product bearing this mark means that it can be proven to the source.

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