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Oritain refers to a developed FFP origin database for a particular product and origin as a chemical or origin fingerprint. Similar to a human fingerprint, characterised by a collection of characteristics that form an entirely unique pattern, Oritain measures chemical markers in a product which akin to a fingerprint form a unique pattern which is characteristic to a particular product and origin. Using multivariate statistical methods, we are able to characterise these fingerprints and then determine whether an unknown sample is consistent with this developed fingerprint.

DNA provides evidence about the genetic information of the animal, hereditary factors etc of the organism. Our technology differs from DNA as the origin fingerprint describes (among other things) the myriad of environmental conditions in which the organism has experienced throughout its lifecycle, described using trace element and stable isotope chemistry.

First and foremost, our databases remain very stable with time. We have verified the stability of our fingerprint database using temporal maintenance reference samples on a harvest-by-harvest basis for the majority of our origins we hold in our database. We also continue to use statistical and geochemical models that provide us global observations of the underlying environmental drivers that impart the origin fingerprint. These models help provide validation of the stability of the fingerprint in areas where we can't collect maintenance samples every harvest.