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Fetal Bovine serum is a product that is pivotal in the production of vaccines and therapeutics. A by-product of the meat industry, Fetal bovine serum (FBS), or 'sera' can be verified using Oritain's scientific traceability.

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Many existing and new-generation protein drugs and vaccines rely on cell culture in their manufacturing process, with FBS being a core component. 

FBS is also used for cell culture in basic research and drug discovery with alternative serums falling short of economic and regulatory requirements. As such, FBS remains the best and safest agent for cell culture and so protecting its integrity is paramount, which is where Oritain's verification process can help.

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Regardless of origin, all FBS will fortify cell culture media and support cell growth in a very similar manner - however, different countries of origin present different levels of risk of certain virus contamination. For this reason, we partner with the likes of GE Healthcare and Thermofisher to help verify the origin of their FBS so they can ensure they are using origin from origins of the utmost quality and safety.

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Providing Truth

Protecting reputations.

Embedding strong sustainability practices represents a huge opportunity for the private sector, as it helps create long-term value for their business. Companies able to prove the authenticity and quality of their products will gain a competitive advantage, ensuring long-term business by preserving the environment, mitigating product risks, lowering risks for investors, directors and officers, showing progression and innovation, enhancing their brand and communications, and demonstrating to clients and civil society that they adhere to ethical standards.

Our commitment.

We are committed to partnering with stakeholders operating in a wide range of industry sectors, to help ensure that sustainable and ethical labour practices are carried out along supply chains. This has a powerful impact on the development of sustainable practices, the strengthening of labour standards and the improvement of the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.


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Product Samples Collected


Product samples collected. 

Samples Analysed In Laboratory


Samples analysed
in laboratory. 

Fingerprint Of Product Is Determined


Fingerprint of product
is determined. 

Fingerprint Stored In Oritain Database


Fingerprint stored in
Oritain database. 

Fingerprint Is Ready To Audit


Fingerprint is ready to audit
against 'suspect' samples to
check their authenticity. 

Oritain Trustmark

Setting the standard of product traceability with Oritain Verification.

As a customer of ours, you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits; Not only will your products and therefore your brand be protected from any issues, but proof of origin can be utilised as a useful marketing tool, especially when exporting to overseas markets.

Proof of origin is increasingly becoming a consumer need in today’s markets, which is why we have created our very own ‘Oritain trustmark’. Any product bearing this mark means that it can be proven to the source.

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