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Verifying Origin

A commitment to scientific traceability for The a2 Milk Company.

The a2 Milk Company has revolutionized the dairy industry with their premium branded a2 Platinum® products. With a reputation for innovation, their solution for ensuring product authenticity follows suit, working with Oritain to scientifically verify the origin of their products.

By working with Oritain, The a2 Milk Company is demonstrating a true commitment to traceability of their a2 Platinum® products.

The a2 Milk Company's partnership with Oritain.

The a2 Milk Company was founded on the knowledge that not all milk is the same.

Conventional cows’ milk contains two main types of beta casein protein—A2 protein and A1 protein—but only fresh a2 Milk™ contains the only the A2 protein and no A1.

Many people experiencing digestive issues drinking conventional cows’ milk report marked benefits when switching to a2 Milk™ products.

a2 Milk™ is naturally occurring and not a product of genetic engineering or technological processes – The a2 Milk Company use science to help identify cows that naturally only produce milk with A2 protein.

Oritain independently verifies the origin and authenticity by testing a2 Platinum® and a2 Milk™ products. By working with Oritain, The a2 Milk Company is demonstrating a true commitment to traceability.

soil testing

Traceability like no other.

Oritain’s unique methodology applies forensic science and data to detect naturally occurring elements in a product or raw material. Soil composition, climate, altitude and other environmental factors all reveal the details of a product’s origin - which we call an Origin Fingerprint.

Once we’ve created an Origin Fingerprint, it can be used to audit our clients’ products at any point in the supply chain - to clearly differentiate the legitimate from the fraudulent.

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