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Coffee is all about the origin

Origin matters because it makes your coffee unique, but also because transparency is critical to protecting the livelihoods of coffee farmers and the environment in coffee-growing regions worldwide.

Sheba Coffee Background

Sheba Coffee is proud of its Yemeni origin and we are delighted to have them as our partner.

They are confident that the coffee they proudly sell to the world captures the uniqueness of the Yemeni land.

Through their partnership with us, they will not only be able to say that their coffee is 100% Yemeni, but they will be able to prove it scientifically at any point in their supply chain. Working with us evidences how Sheba Coffee takes trust seriously, taking every possible step to ensure that transparency is discussed and acted upon. 

The first stage of this partnership involves analyzing the characteristics of Yemeni coffee that make it unique. From a forensic science point of view, these characteristics relate to the environment in which the coffee is grown. We look forward to collaborating with Sheba Coffee and sharing this exciting journey with you, believing their coffee farmers will ultimately benefit from this enhanced transparency.

As supply chains become ever more complex and consumers, investors, and regulators demand to know where coffee comes from, the need for a scientific and independent solution to verify its origin is ever more pressing.

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Traceability Like No Other.

Oritain’s unique methodology applies forensic science and data to detect naturally occurring elements in a product or raw material. Soil composition, climate, altitude and other environmental factors all reveal the details of a product’s origin - which we call an Origin Fingerprint.

Once we’ve created an Origin Fingerprint, it can be used to audit our clients’ products at any point in the supply chain - to clearly differentiate the legitimate from the fraudulent.

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