Provenance Meat (NZ) Ltd

Provenance are passionate about the integrity of their product and proudly use Oritain to show this commitment

Oritain has collected and analysed samples of Provenance lamb products and can verify if they are consistent with their claimed farm of origin in New Zealand.


Provenance lamb’s exceptional combination of delicate flavour and wonderful mouth feel — tenderness, succulence and silky smooth texture — finds its origin in the terroir from which the lamb grows.

 It all starts in the soil. Certified Biological Farming protocols ensure the natural biology of the soil is replenished without the need for harmful fertilizers. Living soil grows nourishing forage – good root systems with high microbiology make pasture rich in nutrient. This makes for healthy animals – and superb meat.

Biologically farmed, ethically raised and meticulously processed, Provenance lamb is their pride and joy. That’s why they choose Oritain to provide our service for each supply farm – proof of origin is so important to them. Provenance create exceptional lamb and want consumers to know that is what they are getting.

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