Modern Nile Cotton Co.

Samples of Egyptian cotton can be verified to the claimed origin ensuring the authenticity of the final product.

Oritain can verify the origin of Modern Nile Egyptian Cotton.

Modern Nile have partnered with Oritain to scientifically verify the claimed origin of the cotton and mitigate risks in their supply chain. 

Modern Nile Cotton Co., Egypt’s largest cotton trader, specialises primarily in Egyptian cotton which it exports locally and to international markets. The company is also the largest importer and supplier of foreign cottons to Egyptian spinners.

Oritain’s method complements other forms of traceability however it differs in that we test the natural properties of the fibre and aren’t reliant on barcodes or labelling.

Oritain’s partnership with Modern Nile Cotton Co. expands the company’s growth into the cotton industry and helps reassure customers about the genuine origin of their Egyptian cotton. 

”In our continuous effort of achieving full transparency through the supply chain of goods produced out of 100% Egyptian Cotton, we are happy to partner with Oritain.” - Ahmed Elbosaty, Chairman and Managing Director of Modern Mile Cotton Co.


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