Manuka Originz

Manuka Originz™ guarantees genuine Manuka Honey sourced only from New Zealand with each batch fully traceable back to its original source.

New Zealand Manuka Honey has a global reputation as a credible and effective product with multiple functions. It is used in hospitals, health clinics and family homes throughout the world. Manuka Originz™ certification provides genuine quality assurance to customers, preserving not only the integrity of the product but also its authentic source of origin.

Oritain Partnership

  • The origin of honey used in Manuka Originz products has been independently and scientifically verified by Oritain.
  • Oritain has collected, analysed and archived samples of these batches of honey and determined an origin fingerprint.
  • Oritain can compare any honey samples to this fingerprint to verify products are consistent to origin claims.

Oritain can prove that products carrying the Manuka Originz stamp are consistent with the New Zealand honey fingerprint Oritain has developed.

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