Farm Pride

As the risk of egg substitution is ever increasing proving the origin of their free range eggs has never been so important.

Oritain has collected and analysed samples of Farm Pride free range eggs and can verify if they are consistent to claimed origin.


Farm Pride has partnered with Oritain to ensure that the integrity of their free range eggs is protected.

Using our 'Scientific Traceability' method, we have tested samples of eggs from various free range farms and created an origin fingerprint of the eggs that represent the eggs true origin. This fingerprint can then be tested against Farm Pride free range eggs from the supply chain in order to verify the origin of the eggs, reducing the risk of fraud or eggs being substituted with eggs from different farms.

Farm Pride takes the trust consumers have in their brand seriously. That is why consumers of Farm Pride's Free Range eggs can have peace of mind knowing that Farm Pride has nothing to hide and that their free range eggs are from where they say they are from.

More about Farm Pride

  • Farm Pride has been supplying Australian families with quality fresh eggs for more than 80 years.
  • Farm Pride currently employs more than 200 employees through the grading and processing facilities at Keysborough and Lethbridge in Victoria, Greendale in New South Wales and our 7 farms. Eggs are sourced from across the country from Farm Pride farms and other local suppliers to process and pack approximately 8 million eggs every week.
  • Egg varieties including freshly laid cage eggs, barn laid eggs and free range egg varieties. The Keysborough site also has one of Australia's largest egg processing plants, turning shell eggs into value-added egg products for supply into the food service industry.


"We've decided to partner with Oritain because they want what we want, and that's the elimination of food fraud" - Farm Pride


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