Compass Group

Along with a passion for food service, their commitment to delivering safe foods is not taken lightly.

We’ve partnered with Compass to deliver our Scientific Traceability service to a range of their suppliers.

Compass Group and its subsidiary Foodbuy are the world’s largest food service providers, facilitating over 50 countries across a broad range of industries.  

When providing products across the large number of outlets like Compass/Foodbuy has, it only makes sense that what they are sourcing is from where it claims to be from.

That is why they chose to partner with us, to bolster their ethics of sustainable sourcing and help reduce the risk in their supply chain.

Compass take great pride in their safety standards and using Oritain’s Scientific Traceability service is adding to that commitment.


"They’re a technical company but also a commercial organisation, they understand the impact on our supplier base and worked well to make sure that our suppliers get value, not just us" - Compass Group

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