Oritain has collected and analysed samples of Becketts pork and can verify if they are consistent to claimed origin.

Founded in 1983, Becketts® is a family-run business with a passion to deliver bacon at its best.

With international backing from Tönnies, a leading global multi-tier food industry business, and CPC Foods Ltd, their British partner, Becketts is the largest manufacturer and supplier of bacon to the foodservice market with over 400 employees across the UK.

Becketts work to the high standards of the BRC Audit, Grade AA, ensuring full traceability and the highest of hygiene standards. They're also committed to Lean Manufacturing. So rather than pass on increasing costs to their customers, Becketts continuously work to improve processes, increase efficiencies & minimise waste.

Oritain Partnership

  • The origin of Becketts pork has been independently and scientifically certified by Oritain.
  • Oritain has collected, analysed and archived samples of these meat products and determined their very own Origin Fingerprint.
  • Oritain can compare any pork sample to these specifications to determine if the product is consistent to origin claims.

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