Our Certification

The symbol of a commitment to safety and quality

Oritain Certification demonstrates a commitment to high standards of quality and safety. It is a visible sign that shows the power of science is being deployed to help protect the integrity of a product. This is a powerful tool that links the origin claim on the packaging to the actual product inside. 

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What it takes to be Oritain Certified

The Certification represents that the product can be scientifically verified as being from its claimed origin.

Brands which use the Certification have undergone independent, scientific sampling and analysis by Oritain. Each brand that uses the Certification will have carried out the following process:

1. Oritain will have collected genuine samples of the product for analysis.

2. Following the analysis, Oritain will create a profile of the genuine product which represents its 'origin fingerprint'.

Oritain can then conduct testing against this 'origin fingerprint' to scientifically verify if the product is consistent with its claimed origin.


Product Testing

For product testing, samples of the product will be taken from the supply chain or in market. In each audit situation the product will be verified against its claimed origin. If the claimed origin of the sample product is not available, verification may not be possible.

Learn more about our partners to see how they are verifying their origin. If you have a code put this directly to the 'Search certificates' box below to see the product details.

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