Oritain partners with Egypt's leading cotton trader, Modern Nile Cotton Co., to improve traceability in its supply chain

12 March 2018

modern Nile Cotton

Oritain, the global company specialising in supply chain traceability, announces it has partnered with Modern Nile Cotton Co., to verify the origin of Egyptian cotton and mitigate against risks in its supply chain.

Press Release: 12 March 2018

Modern Nile Cotton Co., Egypt’s largest cotton trader, specialises primarily in Egyptian cotton which it exports locally and to international markets. The company is also the largest importer and supplier of foreign cottons to Egyptian spinners.

Using Oritain’s innovative scientific method, the company will be able to verify the origin of its cotton throughout the supply chain to ensure it is supplying an authentic final product to its customers. Modern Nile Cotton Co. will also work with Oritain to reduce the risk of contamination and fraud in its supply chain.

Commenting on the deal, CEO of Oritain, Grant Cochrane, said: “Today, more cotton suppliers worldwide are recognising the benefits of providing a record of authenticity and traceability, particularly in the face of a growing number of supply chain challenges.”

Cochrane added: “Manufacturers, brand owners and retailers pay a premium for high-quality Egyptian cotton, and by using our unique method, they can be certain they’re purchasing an authentic product.” “Egyptian cotton, with its long history, occupies a special place in the hearts of consumers so we are especially excited to be working with Modern Nile Cotton Co.”

Unlike traditional traceability processes, Oritain is able to use science to prove origin by testing naturally-occurring elements within the product itself, removing the need for additives such as sprays, tags or barcodes.

Ahmed Elbosaty, Chairman and Managing Director of Modern Mile Cotton Co., said: ” In our continious effort of achieving full transparency through the supply chain of goods produced out of 100% Egyptian Cotton, we are happy to partner with Oritain.”

“With Oritain’s exceptional breakthrough and unique service, we are confident that can jointly assure buyers, retailers and consumers of Egyptian Cotton authenticity.”

Oritain’s deal with Modern Nile Cotton Co. expands the company’s growth into the cotton industry. Previously Oritain has signed agreements with the JG Boswell Company & subsidiary Auscott, home textiles manufacturer Welspun India and US-based cotton industry association, SUPIMA®, which represents more than 500 US Pima cotton growers. 

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