Oritain Global attracts heavyweight advisory talent.

19 June 2022

oritain attracts

Oritain Global is delighted to announce the appointments of Ana Hinojosa and Peter Cullinane, both of whom will join the global origin verification company in advisory roles.

“We are thrilled to attract talent of this calibre,” comments Oritain Global CEO, Grant Cochrane. “As Oritain has scaled up to a global presence working with many of the world’s leading brands, it’s hugely important for us to continue to add value for our clients. Ana brings a depth of customs, trade and fraud detection experience unlike any other, while Peter’s reputation as a marketing and business advisor is legendary. These appointments demonstrate our commitment to leading the way in proving origin.”

Texas native, Ana Hinojosa, has had an illustrious career in the US Federal Government and with the World Customs Organization (WCO). A seasoned customs expert and senior executive, she brings over 34 years of experience in law enforcement, international trade, international policy development and standard setting to Oritain Global.

Most recently, Ana was responsible for directing the US Customs and Border Protections trade threat assessment units, special investigations and enforcement programs focused on detecting, deterring and disrupting illicit trade. In 2021, Ana won the Service to America Award for Safety, Security and International Affairs and the People’s Choice Award, and in 2022, she received an Exceptional Gold Medal Award from DHS Secretary.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, has completed an Executive Development Program through Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and recently earned a Masters in Business Administration from Texas A&M University.

“I know, first-hand, that Oritain’s technology and processes are ground breaking,” says Anna. “I am very much looking forward to helping Oritain and its customers maximise the benefits of forensic origin tracing to bring about improved supply chain traceability.”

New Zealander, Peter Cullinane, brings extensive global commercial and marketing experience to Oritain Global. Much of his career was with advertising network, Saatchi & Saatchi, where he was Chair and CEO of New Zealand’s largest and most awarded agency, eventually taking up the reins as Worldwide COO in New York.

In 2002, Peter returned to New Zealand, where he founded Assignment Group, an agency specialising in applying creative thinking to business, and then market-leading premier dairy brand, Lewis Road Creamery.

Peter holds/has held board and directorship roles in a number of leading Australian and New Zealand companies. He has an MBA and Masters of Management, and has the unique distinction of being the only member of both the New Zealand Marketing and Advertising Halls of Fame.

“Oritain Global is a great New Zealand success story, starting in the labs of Otago University,” says Peter. “Today, it boasts a worldwide client base delivering cutting-edge science to benefit companies and consumers to whom proof of a product’s origin is of the utmost importance. I look forward to sharing the journey as Oritain continues to harness leading science to determine the truth of origin.”

About Oritain Global – proving origin, protecting reputations.

Founded in New Zealand in 2005, Oritain Global is a world-leading expert in applying forensic and data science to verify the origin and authenticity of products and raw materials.

A product’s origin can be identified by measuring the varying chemical composition of different environments. As something is grown, reared or made, it absorbs a unique ratio of elements, depending on the local temperature, altitude, precipitation and soil condition - known as an origin fingerprint.

Take Mānuka honey, for example. The origin fingerprint of Mānuka honey from one hive is different to a hive 10 kilometres down the road. And it is vastly different from a hive from another country. Oritain Global can prove the exact area from which a jar of Mānuka honey originates. And that science can be applied to almost any product or raw material, in any environment, in any country, around the globe.

For Oritain Global’s clients – who range from luxury goods to government organisations to leading food, wine and fibre brands – the Oritain mark on their products protects their reputation, builds trust and minimises risk.

For consumers, the Oritain mark gives them confidence that when they select a brand, they’re buying the genuine article.

Oritain does more than prove origin; it protects reputations.

For further information, please visit oritain.com.


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