Marina Testino & Oritain in #OneDressToImpress

17 October 2021

one dress

We have teamed up with artivist and CEO, Marina Testino, in a unique collaboration to raise awareness around conscious consumerism.

In #OneDressToImpress, we explore the importance of sustainability and traceability as Marina wears her statement purple dress for a whole month.

Marina has built a career raising social and environmental awareness to help make change happen. By harnessing creative expression, she works to generate a sense of community, courage and responsibility.

Over the month, Marina wore a purple suit made from one of the world’s finest cottons from the US. Oritain verified the origin of the cotton in her suit to demonstrate the importance of traceability when it comes to sustainable fashion. 

Follow the journey, @marinatestino and #OneDressToImpress 

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