Keeping up with brand promises

12 July 2017


We recap on why it is important to keep to your brand word.

A little while ago, our Marketing Director Todd Gordon shared his wisdom on the importance of brands living up to their brand claims and the promises they made to their consumers. Basically minimising the gap between the promises and the reality of whats being delivered is imperative for brands who make those promises and believe us, there are A LOT. They come in all shapes, sizes and flavours that leaves room for error;

  • “We do all we can to protect our milk”
  • “Uncompromised commitment to continual improvement”
  • “Clean and green”
  • “World class”
  • “The best beef and lamb”
  • “Hive to home”
  • "100% Beef" 

The last of which was the catch cry for a myriad of businesses in Europe that have recently been found to by lying to their consumers

Europol reports that a recent investigation spearheaded by Interpol and their partners Guardia Civil has led to the arrest of 66 individuals that were involved in the horsemeat trade across Europe. 

66 people paid for the crime, but how many more paid for the empty promises?

Countless consumers would have purchased the products that were marked as 100% beef under the guise that that was what they were being provided with, however, they were cheated. 

And let's think about the long term impact for the industry; even those producers that do follow the rules and have means live up to the claims they make will have to suffer due to the actions of just a rogue few as the damage to the industry will be immense. 

Like Todd said, marketers, love a good promise as a mode of "'differentiation’, ‘perceived value’ and to ‘emotionally engage’ their target audience". It seems trivial, but companies need to live up to these or show their consumers they are doing all they can, which is why it is quite outstanding to see people still not doing so.

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