Cone Denim First Denim Mill to offer forensic verification of cotton traceability

16 September 2020

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Leading denim fabric innovator for more than 128 years partners with Oritain

Press release: 17th September 2020

GREENSBORO, NC — September 17, 2020 — Cone Denim, a global leader in denim authenticity and sustainable innovation for more than 128 years and part of the Elevate Textiles portfolio of brands, is excited to partner with Oritain, the product and supply chain traceability specialist, to become the first denim mill to adopt the highest level of end-to-end traceability possible

Since 1891, Cone Denim’s commitment to innovation and sustainable practices has defined the brand, dedicating its business to implementing the most responsible practices and innovative ways to improve performance on every level. This latest partnership reaffirms Cone Denim’s long history of industry firsts, innovation and commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Oritain’s unique method combines forensic science and statistics to detect naturally occurring elements in the cotton itself, eliminating the need for additional foreign tracers such as spray or particles. Soil composition and other environmental factors give the cotton an inherent ‘fingerprint’ specific to each location – what Oritain calls the Origin Fingerprint. Once these Origin Fingerprints have been created, they cannot be tampered with, replicated, or destroyed unlike other traceability systems. Product can be tested at any point in the supply chain to verify origin claims. To date, Oritain has mapped over 90% of the world’s cotton.

Steve Maggard, President Cone Denim said, “Traceability and sustainability are no longer just industry buzzwords but strong-held values fast becoming the gold standard for our customers and the consumer. Our partnership with Oritain enables Cone Denim to be the first denim mill globally with the ability to provide documentable transparency that are admissible in a court of law, underpinning sustainable and ethical sourcing claims. Through scientific verification of cotton origin, customers can be assured that Cone Denim products do not contain any cotton from prohibited regions, offering an elevated level of confidence and scientific peace of mind to our customers and our wider stakeholders.”

Maggard added, “Innovation and sustainability are as integral to our company as is the cotton in our denims. Through this partnership we are able to combine sustainable innovation with industry leading traceability. Oritain’s advanced science requires no changes to the manufacturing processes, giving us flexibility, scalability and ease of implementation, which are critical factors for us to provide our customers with the best product.”

Rupert Hodges, Chief Strategy Officer for Oritain said, “Traceability is a prerequisite for understanding your environmental, ethical and social impact. We are therefore extremely excited to be partnering with Cone Denim to provide scientific reassurance and certainty around those impacts – allowing Cone to communicate that message in an authentic manner and with full confidence in the claims being made. Manufacturers, brand owners and retailers are increasingly focused on ensuring there is transparency within their supply chains. A huge part of this is knowing and trusting where their product comes from, especially when claiming a certain provenance or ethical standard.”

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