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We use science to test actual red meat products to know where they come from. We have built a robust database over time for the likes of lamb, beef, and venison amongst many other red meat types.

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Change to “Product of the USA” Label Requirements

On March 6th, the Secretary of Agriculture announced a proposed rule change that the label “Product of the USA” can only be applied to livestock born, raised, and harvested in the United States. Prior to this ruling, the label could have been placed on meat born and slaughtered outside the country as long as it was packaged in the United States. Additionally, under the current rules, an imported product could be considered a “Product of the USA” if it underwent significant transformation once arriving in the country.

UK Meat Fraud


UK shoppers deserve to have confidence that British beef is actually British beef.

Oritain’s forensic science can provide your customers with the assurance they are buying the genuine product – and protect your reputation.

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Oritain's approach continues to help businesses prove the integrity of their supply chain by testing products at any point within the supply chain to prove that they have come from their claimed origin. 

This reduces supply chain risk, protects businesses' reputations and offers various marketing and sales management advantages. 

In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of food safety and quality, an independent endorsement of authenticity is valued. 

If your reputation is important to you, protect it with Oritain. Call or Email Us today to find out how we can help you.

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The Silver Fern Farms Story Oritain Testimonial

The Silver Fern Farms Story - Oritain Testimonial


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Our commitment

We are committed to partnering with stakeholders operating in a wide range of industry sectors, to help ensure that sustainable and ethical labour practices are carried out along supply chains. This has a powerful impact on the development of sustainable practices, the strengthening of labour standards and the improvement of the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.


Country of Origin

Region of Origin

Farm of Origin

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Product samples collected.

Samples Analysed In Laboratory


Samples analysed
in laboratory.

Fingerprint Of Product Is Determined


Fingerprint of product
is determined. 

Fingerprint Stored In Oritain Database


Fingerprint stored in
Oritain database. 

Fingerprint Is Ready To Audit


Fingerprint is ready to audit
against 'suspect' samples to
check their authenticity. 

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Providing Truth

Protecting reputations

Embedding strong sustainability practices represents a huge opportunity for the private sector, as it helps create long-term value for their business. Companies able to prove the authenticity and quality of their products will gain a competitive advantage, ensuring long-term business by preserving the environment, mitigating product risks, lowering risks for investors, directors and officers, showing progression and innovation, enhancing their brand and communications, and demonstrating to clients and civil society that they adhere to ethical standards.

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