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CBS Innovators & Disruptors Documentary

Oritain Showcased in CBS Innovators & Disruptors Documentary Series

Leading US television network CBS is showcasing Oritain in the 'Innovators & Disruptors' documentary series hosted on CBSNews.com.

Key members of the Oritain leadership and scientific teams, plus customers operating successfully in the fashion industry, share the story of how Oritain started, what inspired its growth, and why product traceability continues to be so important for businesses worldwide.

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Featured Experts

The story of Oritain and its achievements is brought to life through fascinating interviews with members of the Oritain leadership and scientific teams, plus insightful comments from key customers Supima and Country Road.

Grant Cochrane

Grant Cochrane

Chief Executive Officer

Sir John Key Website Headshot

Rt Hon Sir John Key

Board Chairman & Shareholder Appointed Director

Kate Jones

Dr Kate Jones

Senior Science Advisor

Marc Lewkowitz Supima

Marc Lewkowitz

President and CEO

Elle Roseby Country Road

Elle Roseby

Managing Director
Country Road

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About CBS 'Innovators & Disruptors'

'Innovators & Disruptors' is a documentary series hosted on CBSNews.com, which showcases leaders and businesses who have adapted and modernized their strategies to break the status quo and bring about positive change in the world.

Oritain is delighted to be featured as part of this important series and to share the growing role of product traceability with audiences. To watch the full series of documentaries, visit the CBSNews website.

Dr Kate Jones and Dr Kiri McComb in the lab 2

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Oritain is a global leader in forensic traceability of product origin. Our innovative technology ensures product authenticity, transparency, and data-driven sourcing decisions.

Some of the world’s leading fashion, food and beverage brands rely on us to achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate business risk, and protect brand reputation by independently proving the provenance of their products at any stage of the supply chain.

Contact us today to speak with one of our traceability experts.

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