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UFLPA Resources & Compliance Solution for Cotton Importers & Manufacturers

Cotton and cotton products are in the spotlight by regulators under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA). As detentions rise and enforcement increases, the importance of compliance has never been greater.

Being compliant starts with knowing the origin of your cotton. Protect your business and revenue with forensic technology.

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Key Challenges Facing Cotton Supply Chains


Forced labor

Forced labor, child labor, and modern slavery – often hidden deep within layers of subcontractors, agents, and temporary staffing – pose a serious threat to global cotton supply chains.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is committed to identifying and preventing the entry of goods made with forced labor into the United States, and businesses that with these regulations risk facing penalties, loss of sales and reputational damage.


Blending and mislabeling

Cheap labor and razon-thin margins in the cotton industry by and large lead to raw material substitution and blending of high-quality cotton with lower-grade to maximize profits.

Known issues of forced and child labor during cultivation and picking processes mean that even audited manufacturing can be compromised if raw materials are not properly verified.


Sustainability & traceability

Consumers, policymakers, and investors want to know the origin of their goods and are willing to disassociate from brands linked to forced labor.

But the big gap between the source and destination of cotton makes it difficult to monitor labor conditions and report on sustainability efforts, showing the inadequacy of paper and digital chains of custody in proving claims.

How Your Business Can Prepare for the UFLPA

Find out what your business needs to prepare and stay compliant in our exclusive white paper. Download now to:

  • Explore the UFLPA's impact and importer readiness
  • Understand the importance of compliance for product entry
  • Navigate goods detention and CBP's forced labor cotton determination
  • Protect your business with forensic isotopic testing
  • Get expert answers to your most pressing FAQs

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Increased UFLPA Enforcement and Growing Entity List

The latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) enhanced strategy focuses on conducting physical inspections, country-of-origin testing, and detailed document reviews to ensure compliance with trade laws.

According to the CBP dashboard, between June 2022 and May 2024, 58% of detained Apparel, Footwear and Textiles shipments were denied entry to the U.S. by CBP.

CBP is constantly searching for information on whether goods are produced with forced labor throughout the supply chain. The growing UFLPA entity list and increased enforcement indicate that even indirect associations with forced labor can trigger detentions. A supply chain that’s compliant today can become non-compliant overnight if an intermediary is found to have connections with high-risk regions, regardless of direct transactions.

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Prove the Origin of Your Cotton With Oritain

Get to the truth of your supply chain faster with forensic technology.

Global cotton expertise

We’ve captured over 95% of the world's cotton producing countries to ensure UFLPA, EU Forced Labor Ban, and other regulatory compliance.


Isotope testing, powered by data science

We get to the truth of a supply chain by combining forensic testing with our expansive data set.


Scientific assurance

Test your products with confidence, knowing they can't be replicated or tampered with.

Country-of-origin verification

Our technology can pinpoint the exact country of cotton origin, giving you accuracy that paper documents cannot provide.


Tailored services

We support businesses at every stage of their supply chain sustainability journey.



No changes or integration needed, guaranteeing zero downtime to operations.

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As UFLPA enforcement increases, Oritain's cotton origin verification can help you stay ahead of the regulatory curve. We test the fibre at any stage of manufacturing to check it is consistent with where it claims to be from.

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