Oritain Global Establishes North American Office to Meet the Demand for Its Scientific Traceability

10 May 2022


Oritain Global (Oritain USA) recently opened a North American office in Washington, DC, to accommodate rapid growth and better service our commercial and government partners. This office firmly positions Oritain as the global leader on the verification of product origin’s, sustainability, and ethical sourcing/production. Oritain’s North American office is led by Global Chief Operations Officer Matthew Thomas

Oritain works globally to improve the integrity of their partners supply chains and global competitiveness, a North American presence allows for an increased focus on the Americas. With strong commercial partnerships underway with Cotton USA, Supima, and Theory, the company is already working to grow their verticals in the Americas by developing new markets such as hemp, red meat, pharma, coffee, cocoa, timber, polysciliates and rare extractives (to include diamonds and gold).

The opening of this fifth global office for Oritain represents the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) to businesses, consumers, and markets in general. An increased sense of consumer responsibility is driving brands to take actions that secure and verify the origin of products beyond traditional paper and digital traceability approaches. Oritain’s scientific traceability enables brands to restore and build trust with consumers and represents a shift to a market environment that supports ESG and empowers real change. 

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