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Origin and GE Healthcare

About This Resource.

Many existing and new-generation protein drugs and vaccines rely on cell culture in their manufacturing process, with FBS being a core component.

FBS is also used for cell culture in basic research and drug discovery with alternative serums falling short of economic and regulatory requirements. As such, FBS remains the best and safest agent for cell culture and so protecting its integrity is paramount.

Regardless of origin, all FBS will fortify cell culture media and support cell growth in a very similar manner - however, different countries of origin present different levels of risk of certain virus contamination. For this reason, we partner with GE Healthcare to help verify the origin of their FBS so they can ensure they are using origin from origins of the upmost quality and safety.

The below whitepaper outlines the capability of our science in verifying FBS, as well as outlining some of the safer, and more at-risk, origins.