Oritain Features in New CBS ‘Innovators & Disruptors’ Documentary Series

12 June 2024

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New documentary highlights how Oritain’s forensic science helps businesses address rising product detainments in the US


Today marks the release of a new documentary featured within the CBS ‘Innovators & Disruptors’ series.

The documentary showcases how Oritain’s technology is providing a unique solution for businesses amidst rising consumer pressure, heightened enforcement by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and emerging legislation in other markets. Almost $2.5M in apparel, footwear, and textiles were detained under the UFLPA forced labour legislation in March 2024 alone, according to CBP, reinforcing the need for businesses to use traceability solutions to prove product compliance.

Founded in 2008 in New Zealand, Oritain is now the world’s leading forensic traceability company, combining forensic and data science to provide data-driven insights on the true origin of goods and commodities. Its proof of origin testing has proven to be a must-have for leading brands right across the world.

Businesses today must protect against product fraud, maintain brand integrity, and achieve sustainability targets in an environment of tightening regulations. Laws banning goods produced through forced labor or deforestation make it essential for fashion and food brands to prove their goods are produced ethically, responsibly, and authentically.

“Our mission is to put truth into supply chains,” said Oritain CEO Grant Cochrane. “People want to know where products come from. The old excuse of ‘we don’t know’ is no longer valid. More and more, consumers, investors, and regulators are demanding this and holding companies accountable.”

Sir John Key, former Prime Minister of NZ and board member of Oritain, expands on the reasons for this explosive growth in demand, including regulatory expectations. “Firstly, there’s legislative change, where governments are demanding that companies prove to their consumers that products are what they claim and come from where they say. On top of that, consumer expectations are changing, particularly younger consumers.”

Dr Kate Jones, Senior Science Advisor, also features in a new documentary video produced by Acumen to reveal the science behind Oritain’s forensic testing, which is so robust it stands up as admissible evidence in courts of law all over the world.

Marc Lewkowitz, President, and CEO of Supima, has been working with Oritain for 6 years. “It’s been an extremely exciting opportunity to authenticate the origin of our cotton and prove it through the entire supply chain. It’s really critical in today’s world.” 

View the full documentary here