Oritain Traceability Technology Provides the Source of Truth in Supply Chains

By Oritain Team | 12 June 2024

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Trust is everything in business. Consumers must trust the authenticity of the brands they support. Businesses must trust their partners and suppliers in order to succeed and scale.

Oritain has become a trusted partner for leading fashion and food brands by providing science-based proof of origin that helps brands ensure product authenticity, comply with regulation, and meet ESG commitments.

Marc Lewkowitz, President, and CEO of Supima, has been working with Oritain for 6 years. “It’s been an extremely exciting opportunity to authenticate the origin of our cotton and prove it through the entire supply chain. It’s really critical in today’s world.”


Oritain’s traceability mission protects our planet and its people

Businesses today face many challenges. They must protect against product fraud, maintain brand integrity, and achieve sustainability goals.

Yet they operate in an environment of tightening regulations. Laws banning products produced through forced labor or deforestation make it essential for fashion and food brands to prove their products are produced ethically, responsibly, and authentically.

“Our mission is to put truth into supply chains,” said Oritain CEO Grant Cochrane. “People want to know where products come from. The old excuse of ‘we don’t know’ is no longer valid. More and more, consumers, investors, and regulators are demanding this and holding companies accountable.”


Innovation in forensic isotope testing for product origin

Verification is all about trust. But traditional methods involving paper documentation or digital databases are often inaccurate and unreliable.

Oritain combines established forensic science methodology with innovative application for product provenance. By analyzing natural environmental factors in products and raw materials, Oritain can develop a unique Origin Fingerprint which definitively proves point of origin.

Through this, brands are assured that their products are authentic, ‘true to label’, and free of association with practices that could damage brand reputation.


Oritain cotton testing delivers unique global coverage

Innovation has fuelled Oritain’s growth as market leader. Predicting the future importance of origin verification, the company undertook a comprehensive program to map global cotton production. Today, Oritain has mapped the majority of the world’s cotton-producing countries and is well advanced for mapping other commodities, such as coffee.

This marriage of forensics and data science provides a unique dataset against which businesses can audit the integrity of their products. Cotton isotope testing delivers the assurance fashion brands need to effectively manage their supply chains.

Oritain traceability technology continues to grow, diversifying into products including red meat, coffee, cocoa, dairy, and pharmaceuticals. The company’s global reach has expanded with the establishing of a Singapore office. And the addition of such luminaries as former New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt Hon Sir John Key, as Board Chairman has provided strategic leadership of the highest caliber.

With heightened global interest in sustainability and responsible production, Oritain’s solutions continue to deliver the trust that consumers and businesses alike demand.

To learn more about how Oritain helps organizations verify the origin of their products, contact us to speak with one of our team.

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