Oritain Government Services

Oritain is solidifying its presence in the public sector by establishing Oritain Government Services to lead and manage public sector business.

Scientific traceability begins with Oritain. Harness the power of science and data to verify the origin of your products and illuminate your supply chains.

Governments and policymakers must understand global supply chains to protect, promote, and regulate global commerce.

The problem is most global supply chains are complex and opaque. Even the most sophisticated supply chain traceability tools have limits and are still subject to fraud and human error. But what if you tested the product itself? This is where we help. Our science measures the elements a product absorbs from its local environment, telling us exactly where it comes from.


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Since 2008, we have been working with companies across the fashion, food and pharmaceutical industries to provide scientific certainty on where a product comes from.

Our solution focuses on the product being traced, not packaging, barcodes or transactional data. Because we scientifically authenticate the specific origin of products and raw materials, our data can also help verify the sustainability claims that support them.

Our science and data help governments make informed decisions to protect the integrity and security of national markets and supply chains, promoting sustainability credentials, and trade enforcement. Our science is established, peer-reviewed, and meets the Daubert Criteria for admissibility into courts of law.

The science we use originated in criminal forensics. It is accurate and robust.

Our science works alongside Mother Nature, analysing the unique elements that materials absorb from their environment: trace elements and isotopes.



We are the leaders of origin verification in a ranges of industries including, ESG, fiber, dairy, meat, horticulture, honey, aquaculture, eggs, and pharmaceuticals. Click here to learn more.

Strategic Capabilities

We are busy developing new capabilities to verify the origin of strategically important materials. Contact us to find our more.