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Our Impact

Our impact

If consumers lose trust in your brand, it can damage your reputation, irreparably. We have the solution.

For consumers, truth means trust, but how can they be sure that the brands they love are true to source? Today’s consumers are far more informed and far more concerned about responsible practices – and they vote with their consciences.

That’s why leading brands use Oritain’s forensic science to verify whether their products are sourced authentically, and responsibly.

If creating trust through verified traceability is important to your brand, talk to us.

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By restoring trust, we empower choice.

We aren’t changing the world, but we can support those that are — and make it easier for consumers to do the same. By restoring trust, we help to protect brands that are doing the right thing and to champion those that are making a difference.

Trust is ingrained in everything we do. From our heritage to our science and brand vision, the team we work with, our relationships with our clients, trust is integral. 

A crisis of trust.

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Trust is implicit.

As consumers, we trusted in the brands we bought from. We trusted that the products we were buying were genuine. And we trusted that they were produced in a way that wasn't detrimental to our planet. 

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Trust becomes broken.

Suddenly the scale of fraud and the degree of implicit trust becomes obvious – often leaving us feeling duped. At the same time, we slowly become aware of the impact of our consumption habits and seek more information and transparency.

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Restoring trust.

We want to trust but need verification. We’ve grown cynical of trusting in machines and data and, ideally, want a natural solution. As trust is restored through origin verification, we become more knowledgeable, and empowered to make more informed decisions.

Trust is the difference between promises and action.
Between those that say and those that do.
Between inaction and change. 

Origin verification
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Discover how origin verification can empower businesses, people and society.