Welspun India Ltd is a company that is committed to product integrity and providing customers with products they can trust. 

Welspun’s textiles division has implemented Oritain’s unique Scientific Traceability method to verify the origin of cotton in their supply chain. Using Oritain’s technology, the claimed origin of a sample of cotton can be scientifically verified. 

Oritain’s service will supplement Welspun’s Wel-Trak program which includes dedicated suppliers (J.g. Boswell and Auscott Limited) and a vertically- integrated manufacturing process. 

Samples of J.G Boswell Supima cotton from California and Auscott Upland cotton from Australia have been sent and analyzed by Oritain to establish each growth’s very own origin fingerprint. This fingerprint can then be tested against cotton samples in the market, in order to verify where they claim to come from. 

For further information regarding Oritain’s Scientific Traceability, click here

Oritain can verify the origin of Welspun's textiles that claim to be made from Australian and Californian grown cotton.


Welspun is a US$3billion company that operates throughout many industries such as energy, steel, and infrastructure, however, a major industry they also operate in is the textile industry. They are one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturers of home textiles, from spinning to finishing, in the world supplying to brands like Walmart, Target and many other global retailers. They take great pride in the quality of their products. 

This is why they have created their very own assurance system known as ‘Wel-Trak’. Wel-Trak is designed to enhance the security of their supply chain, from being supplied with cotton from dedicated growers and suppliers to having a vertically integrated manufacturing facility, Wel-Trak means quality. 

Oritain has been implemented along with the Wel-Trak scheme to further add a level of independent assurance and a scientific method to verify where a product comes from. 

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