Enriching your provenance story and protecting your brand from fraud

We exist to protect brands and consumers from risks associated with food fraud. Fraud is a real and significant problem for the global food industry. It occurs when a product is substituted, adulterated, mislabeled or counterfeited and the motive is almost always economic gain.  

As a result, producers, retailers and consumers need assurances their product is genuine. To prove a product is genuine we verify its true origin by testing properties that naturally occur in the product. These properties are unique to where the product was grown or manufactured.

The Oritain system is an innovative, robust and non-invasive approach to verifying a product. It doesn’t rely on packaging or paper based traceability which results in a solution that can be trusted.

For businesses with valuable brands who want to take leading and innovative approaches to ensure their protection, Oritain can be a trusted partner.

Talk to the team at Oritain today and we can tailor a solution to meet the needs of your business. 


Who we work with

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