Oritain specialises in protecting businesses from food fraud. Food fraud impacts an estimated 10% of global food production and occurs when a product is substituted, adulterated, mislabelled or counterfeited.  

Food fraud destroys revenue, margin and reputations. And it can result in serious food safety risks. 


Food Fraud - A Risk to Businesses

The number of food fraud incidents are continuing to rise and the implication of these incidents has crippling effects on food and producer brands that take years to develop. If consumers do not know where their food is sourced, consumer confidence in brands diminish.

At Oritain, we can help to mitigate the risk of food fraud and food crime, ensuring your brand’s products are the highest integrity source of supply.

Adopting the Oritain system means we can communicate the risk in your supply chain which is backed by a robust and truly tried and tested scientific process.

Who we work with

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