New Zealand Honey Co

Oritain developed a New Zealand Honey Co. fingerprint, providing a robust, science based method of traceability.

Oritain has collected and analysed samples from batches of selected New Zealand Honey Co. honey and can verify if they are consistent to origin claims.

New Zealand is the most isolated major honey producing country in the world. We have many plant species like Manuka that are unique only to New Zealand.

Because of our nation's isolation and our natural farming practices New Zealand Honey Co can ensure that our honey is completely natural. The packed products are rigorously tested to ensure the honeys are as pure as possible, with flavours of amazing depth and taste. The key stakeholders and owner are New Zealand beekeepers themselves who have been producing honey for over 50 years and packing specialty honeys for over 25 years so you know that you are getting the best natural qualities and raw flavor New Zealand honey has to offer.

Oritain Verified Products

New Zealand Honey Co Beech Forest Honey, New Zealand Honey Co Kamahi and Rata Honey, New Zealand Honey Co Manuka Honey, New Zealand Honey Co Thyme Honey, New Zealand Honey Co Clover Honey

Oritain Partnership

  • The origin of the New Zealand Honey Company honey has been independently and scientifically verified by Oritain.
  • Oritain has collected, analysed and archived samples of these batches of honey and determined their geochemical specifications.
  • Oritain can compare any honey samples to these specifications to determine if the product is consistent to claimed origin.
  • Products bearing a genuine Oritain 'Proven Origin' Trustmark can be verified for consistency with origin claims.


"Customers can verify from an independent source that our product is genuine New Zealand Honey" - New Zealand Honey Co


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