Mr Apple

Oritain has collected and analysed samples from Mr Apple Orchards and can verify if they are consistent to claimed origin.


Keeping Mr. Apple apples the safest they can be.

Mr. Apple have chosen to partner with Oritain so that they can prove the origin of their New Zealand grown apples.

We have taken samples of Mr. Apple apples from their growing region in the Hawkes Bay and analysed them to create a Mr. Apple 'origin fingerprint'. They can then choose to audit any apple branded with the Mr. Apple brand to verify its claimed origin.

More about Mr.Apple:

  • Based in Hawkes Bay, Mr. Apple exports make up 25% of all New Zealand apple exports. Mr Apple operates 13 orchard management groups, covering 64 Global-Gap accredited orchards which have over 1,200 hectares of prime Hawke's Bay land.
  • Their values of safety and quality mean that their apples are sure to be the pick of the crop.

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