Lewis Road Creamery

Visually communicating to customers that the milk products are of the highest integrity.

Oritain has collected and analysed samples from batches of Lewis Road Creamery dairy products and can verify bottles with the Oritain Certification are consistent to claimed origin.

Lewis Road Creamery are a brand on a mission, and that’s to create premium quality dairy products and rival the big guys.

Which is why Lewis Road Creamery have partnered with Oritain; to ensure the integrity of their premium flavoured milk range.

Using our Scientific Traceability method, we have scientifically analysed samples of Lewis Road Creamery flavoured milks and created an origin fingerprint that represents the origin of the milk. This means that should they want to, Lewis Road Creamery can call upon Oritain to test any of their milks in the supply chain and match it to this fingerprint to ensure its integrity.

Lewis Road take product quality seriously, which is why they are going further to prove the origin of their products to their customers.

Lewis Road Creamery was founded on the principles of being the game changer, and to disrupt the norm. This is pretty evident from their origin story, starting up from a converted shipping container in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

They first launched with their award winning butter then moved into the milk and flavoured milk category which is when things really took off for them. As a result they have been voted one of New Zealand’s most reputable brands.


"We place huge importance on our brand, and Oritain is helping us to protect that" - Lewis Road Creamery



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