Heartland Fruit

Oritain has collected and analysed samples from Heartland Fruit orchards and can verify if they are consistent to origin claims.

Heartland Fruit have partnered with us to prove the origin of their Nelson grown apples.

We have collected samples from Heartland orchards based in Nelson and analysed them for a unique origin fingerprint. Heartland can now send us any apple from their supply chain or in-market and we can test it to see if their product matches this fingerprint of origin.

We are proud to be helping Heartland secure their supply chain and protect their brand.

More about Heartland Fruit

The Heartland Group is a company established by a group of Nelson orchardists who, in 1993, sought to improve their respective businesses by embracing the free exchange of information and on-orchard management practices. This innovative approach has led to developments in packing, cool-storage, controlled atmosphere facilities, logistics, marketing and new variety development.

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