Cytiva Life Sciences

With a robust, independent measure in place to verify origin, Cytiva are protecting the integrity of their products.

Oritain verifies the origin of Cytiva premium bovine serum from the United States, Australia and New Zealand. 

Cytiva's premium bovine serum products exceed industry standards for quality, purity, and regulatory compliance. With pioneering filtration techniques, contaminants are reduced without impact on cell performance. The collection and processing procedures ensure the premium bovine serum offers reproducible and dependable results.

Cytiva serum processes are traceability certified by the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) and, in addition, Cytiva has chosen to be an adopter of Scientific Traceability by Oritain to prove the country of origin of their premium bovine serum products from the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Premium bovine serum samples from different regions have been analysed and Oritain has created a database of the unique 'Origin' Fingerprint' that is exclusive to each country of origin.

The independent nature of this traceability system means Cytiva are raising the standard, by going one step further to assure the origin of premium bovine serum.


"By partnering with Oritain, we are committing to supply our customers with products of exceptional quality and integrity" - Cytiva Life Sciences Solutions



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