Claridges Organic

Oritain has collected and analysed samples of Claridges Wheat Grass and Barley Grass powders and can verify they are consistent to their claimed origin of New Zealand.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Claridges Organic supply safe, nutritious, organic whole foods to customers worldwide. They have partnered with Oritain to develop a robust solution to verify the origin of their Barley Grass and Wheat Grass powders.

Our scientific traceability tracks a specific product back to the source rather than relying on packaging or barcodes. We have created an 'Origin Fingerprint' for Claridges Barley Grass and Wheat Grass powders that exists due to the intrinsic chemical properties in the environment that it is grown in. With this information, Claridges Organic can test any of these products throughout the supply chain to verify where they come from, providing consumers with assurance and transparency.



Claridges Organic has been growing, sourcing, manufacturing, packing and exporting organic food products for nearly 30 years. They are based at the heart of the Canterbury region in New Zealand's South Island and their products are sourced from the surrounding region and throughout New Zealand.

Canterbury's rich alluvial plains are considered to be one of the best regions in the world for growing cereal grains, often referred to as the ‘granary of New Zealand', renowned for the verdant patchwork of agricultural land. The pure glacial waters of the Southern Alps feed fresh irrigation water to the low-lying fertile soil underneath, whilst the clean, unpolluted air and long periods of sunshine provide prime conditions for the development of these nutrient dense grasses. Claridges Organic understand the plants they grow and how best to capture the goodness they offer.


"We have voluntarily chosen to be independently audited through Oritain to provide scientific, traceable certification of origin which gives peace of mind as to the source and quality of the organic products we produce." - Lawrence Heath, Claridges Organic


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