Alliance Group Limited

When they noticed product was being counterfeited in market, they needed a product based solution to detect and deter fraud.

Oritain has collected and analysed samples of Alliance Lamb and can verify if they are consistent to claimed origin

Alliance Group Limited was established in 1948 by a group of farmers who formed the company to process and market high-quality meat and co-products to international markets.

Alliance Group produces very high-quality meat products from lamb, sheep, cattle, deer and veal, sourced from its shareholders under extensive free-range farming practices. The company's products are enjoyed by discerning consumers in 65 countries throughout the world.

The Alliance Group recognise their customers place a huge amount of trust in their brand and that's something worth protecting. By adopting Oritain technology, Alliance Group are able to provide consumers with the reassurance that lamb products with the Alliance brand is protected. This was a useful way of showcasing transparency and integrity to customers as well as protecting the brand against potential threats.

Oritain Partnership

  • The origin of Alliance Group Limited lamb products have been independently and scientifically verified by Oritain.
  • Oritain has collected, analysed and archived samples of me at and developed a geochemical fingerprint for Alliance Group Limited farms.
  • Oritain can compare any lamb sample to this specification to make a determination of the origin of the sample.


"Whenever fraud is happening and you don't know the background of the product, you need a system in place to prove it's not your product" - Alliance Group.


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