We ensure traceability and can support companies operating in different industries by providing them with transparency and integrity along their supply chain. Knowledge, transparency and traceability across supply chains is of crucial importance as it allows companies to detect and deter illegal practices such as deforestation and degradation of the environment, child labour, exploitation of workers and local communities, slavery, and land grabbing. 

As part of our Responsible Sourcing Programme, we have developed databases of products with long and complex supply chains, such as palm oil, coffee, cocoa, cotton, vanilla, soy. We are, therefore, able to support companies involved in these industry sectors and help them progress towards a sustainable, ethical and traceable supply chain.

Embedding strong sustainability practices represents a huge opportunity for the private sector, as it helps create long-term value for their business. Companies able to prove the authenticity and quality of their products will gain a competitive advantage, ensuring long-term business by preserving the environment, mitigating product risks, lowering risks for investors, directors and officers, showing progression and innovation, enhancing their brand and communications, and demonstrating to clients and civil society that they adhere to ethical standards.

We are committed to partnering with stakeholders operating in a wide range of industry sectors, to help ensure that sustainable and ethical labour practices are carried out along supply chains. This has a powerful impact on the development of sustainable practices, the strengthening of labour standards and the improvement of the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

Origin Resolution
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How it works

Product samples collected

Samples analysed in laboratory

Fingerprint of product is determined

Fingerprint is stored in Oritain database

Fingerprint is ready to audit against 'suspect' samples to check their authenticity

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Setting the standard of product traceability with Oritain Verification

As a customer of ours, you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits; Not only will your products and therefore your brand be protected from any issues, but proof of origin can be utilised as a useful marketing tool, especially when exporting to overseas markets.

Proof of origin is increasingly becoming a consumer need in today’s markets, which is why we have created our very own ‘Oritain trustmark’. Any product bearing this mark means that it can be proven to the source.

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