Taylor Corp

The Problem
A few years ago tests showed the presence of the banned chemical diphenylamine (DPA), on a line of Taylor Corp organic apples. Fortunately, it was established that the apples had suffered accidental cross contamination from hi-residue apples being repacked in a European pack-house.
The costs and also potential damage to the brand reputation could have been immense. This event highlighted to Kelvin Taylor, Managing
Director of Taylor Corp, the need to independently and forensically prove the integrity of his product, what was from their property and what was not.

The Solution
Oritain holds soil, water and fruit profiles from each of the orchards that supply Taylor Corp, all collated to produce a unique Taylor Corp fingerprint that cannot be replicated in anyway.
”We wanted to see just how good Oritain was so we supplied them with three different apple samples and asked the scientists to identify which of our orchards the samples came from,” says Taylor.
“They got two right but were very concerned because they couldn’t identify the third orchard. That was exactly what we wanted to hear because what we hadn’t told them when we gave them the fruit was that the third sample wasn’t ours at all. It came from Cambridge.”

The Outcome
Taylor Corporation were the first apple producer in the world to scientifically ‘fingerprint’ their product. This data has provided Taylor Corp with the opportunity to exonerate the organisation if the need arises.
“We are extremely proud of our produce and equally proud to work with Oritain, together we were the first in the world to origin profile apples”,
“Oritain run a great company providing us with assurance no one else in the world can offer. With them we enjoy, and promote a unique point of difference, we can play the Hawkes Bay NZ ‘origin authentic card’

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