Synlait taking proactive steps to ensure product safety.

The unique Canterbury Plains landscape and climate is one of the best dairy farming environments in the world and is home to Synlait Milk, a global leader in infant nutritional powder manufacturing.

The Problem

The integrity of infant formula and the origin (where it is produced) has come under scrutiny due to increasing attempts of infant formula fraud and substitution. An example of this was in 2008 when melamine was illegally added to infant formula products in China with devastating results on consumer health and confidence in the industry.

Synlait has always taken the integrity of their products seriously and proactive measures have been put in place to safeguard their infant formula products and protect their consumers from similar issues since they started in 2008.

The Solution

A Synlait ‘fingerprint’ was developed by Oritain through an intricate sampling and testing process. This ‘fingerprint’ identified a unique batch profile for Synlait products, which suspected fraudulent samples can be tested against.

“If we take a sample from customer A’s infant formula early in the year then another sample from customer A’s infant formula manufactured in November, they both have unique
chemical fingerprints,” says Dr Simon Causer, Synlait’s Research and Development Manager.

“Being able to distinguish between products on the basis of individual production runs provides us with a robust mechanism to compare any suspicious sample from the market with a retention sample independently archived by Oritain.” The

The Oritain programme scientifically protects the integrity of
all Synlait products.


The Outcome

Oritain’s solution helps Synlait communicate the safety and integrity of their products to customers, no matter what stage of the supply chain a product is at. “Product safety, integrity and quality are extremely important to our customers,” says Dr Causer.

“We see the traceability and verification systems that Oritain deliver contributing directly to that customer assurance.”

“Oritain have taken the time to understand the commercial drivers for our business and they consistently deliver what we want, when we need it.”


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