Scientific Traceabiltiy

We can prove a food, fibre or pharmaceutical product’s origin using a method of traceability we call ‘Scientific Traceability’.

This method is not reliant on a products packaging, codes or tracking devices in any way, instead we use the product itself to prove its origin. 

When brands adopt Oritain’s Scientific Traceability, they have peace of mind knowing that a robust, efficient and proven method is in place to safeguard their brands, their products and their consumers.

The science behind Scientific Traceability.

Food origin can be identified using telltale “fingerprints” derived from the chemical compositions of plants, soils, water and feed animal products consume. These compounds vary naturally.

Ratios of stable isotopes (non-radioactive atoms of the same element that contain different numbers of neutrons such as nitrogen, carbon and many others) are indicative of different regions. Typically ratios of oxygen-18 to oxygen-16 or hydrogen-2 to hygrogen-1, which change according to temperature, altitude and precipitation, and ratios of carbon-13 to carbon-12 or nitrogen-15 to nitrogen-14, which vary based on soil conditions, feed consumed and farm practice for example, are examined by Oritain.

These specific isotope ratios among many others yield better results when analysed by Oritain, further adding robustness to a products specification of origin.

Along with analysing Isotopes, Oritain also analyses trace elements that occur in products via uptake from the chemical composition of soils, water and feeds. The trace elements of a “fingerprint” from products include essential elements sodium, potassium, zinc, iron (Na, K, Zn, Fe) plus over 35 others.

By collecting samples of your product we analyse both Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements which are then run through our unique statistical models to determine the products true origin.

Comparing Scientific Traceability

The benefits of Scientific Traceability

Its proven Science.

Supply Chain and In-Market Testing

Independent Certification

Our service is a science based technology born out of the Criminal Forensic field of chemistry. Oritain scientists are also trained expert witnesses and the science meets the Daubert criteria for admissibility in court which means the court recognizes the science and the opinions of expert witnesses.

We can test any product anywhere in the supply chain to identify fraud and deter any future misdeeds that may be happening in the supply chain.

Having an independent certification provider, like Oritain, means consumers can have peace of mind knowing that the brands they buy from aren’t over claiming and under delivering and an outside provider is keeping the brand honest.

Oritain’s Scientific Traceability is based on the testing and analysis of isotopes and trace elements from samples of products and materials provided to us, or collected by or on behalf of Oritain, to determine their origin or other characteristics. Samples may not be an accurate representation of the entirety of the products or materials, or of their origin or other characteristics, to which our services relate.

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