Lewis Road Creamery

Protecting a valuable brand –
from cow to customer.

Lewis Road Creamery is a brand that has become a household name around the country and the demand for their flavoured milk in particular has generated a large following from consumers both here and abroad.

Building up this reputation meant Lewis Road Creamery felt the need to ensure the quality of their flavoured milk products and ultimately communicate the integrity of the products to their customers demonstrating transparency, from the cow to consumer.


The Problem
It’s a problem most producers would be glad they had: Initially the demand for Lewis Road Creamery flavoured chocolate milk grew beyond the capacity to supply supermarket shelves.“Our brand is built entirely on a premium product, authenticity and quality” says Angela Weeks Marketing Director for Lewis Road Creamery “and without our brand we are nothing“. These values obviously resonated with consumers as the supply of milk could barely keep up with the demand, leaving an opportunity for fraudsters to pass off second-rate Lewis Road Creamery products.

The Solution

The Lewis Road Creamery brand and the integrity of their flavoured milk products are reinforced by the Oritain process. 

Lewis Road Creamery are utilising the Oritain process in a way that if their products did come under the threat of fraud or food safety issues, they could be swiftly refuted.

“How we disprove suspect products that are passed off as Lewis Road Creamery products is quite subjective without a system like Oritain at the table” Says Peter Cullinane – Founder of Lewis Road Creamery.

“Previously how someone would prove that is against someone else’s word, but now if we ever had an issue we can go back and say ‘this is our product because of these reasons and this is what we’ve done in order to protect our brand and our consumers’”

The Outcome

Lewis Road Creamery milk products are now carrying the on pack Oritain ‘trust-mark’, visually communicating to their customers that the milk products are of the highest integrity.

Additionally, Lewis Road Creamery adapted Oritain into their effective social media campaign releasing a video outlining the importance of the partnership between Oritain and Lewis Road Creamery.

“Oritain is such a great piece of mind for us, especially when we look to go offshore” 

“We place huge importance on our brand, and Oritain is helping us to protect that” says Weeks.

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