A statement from Lewis Road Creamery

Lewis Road Creamery fresh flavoured milks are the perfect marriage of the best quality ingredients and our Premium Whole Milk. Alongside our Chocolate Milk with Whittaker’s 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate we are very excited to add Vanilla Milk, made from Heilala vanilla beans and Coffee Milk with Coffee Supreme.

Lewis Road Creamery are utilising the Oritain process in a way that if their products did come under the threat of fraud or food safety issues, they could be swiftly refuted.

At Lewis Road we’ve found some of our greatest innovations have been by going back, way back, to how things were done before compromise crept in.

To find out more about the Lewis Road Creamery partnership with Oritain view the Lewis Road Creamery case study.

For further information regarding the Oritain’s scientific traceability, click here

Oritian has collected and analysed samples from batches of Lewis Road Creamery dairy products and can verify bottles with the Oritain Trustmark are consistent to claimed origin.

Oritain Verified Products

Organic Light Milk

Organic Calcium-enriched Milk

Organic Non-homogenised Milk

Chocolate Flavoured Milk

Organic Homogenised Milk

Oritain Partnership

  • Oritain has collected, analysed and archived samples of Lewis Road Creamery products and have developed a unique Lewis Road Creamery origin fingerprint.
  • Oritain can compare any bottle of milk bearing the Oritain trustmark in the supply chain to this origin fingerprint in order to prove that the product is consistent with the Lewis Road Creamery fingerprint.


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