New Zealand Honey Company

Utilising Oritain technology.

Honey is one of the most counterfeited food products around the world; approximately 83% of Manuka Honey available around the world is not real Manuka honey.

The New Zealand Honey Company are producers and exporters of some of the finest New Zealand Manuka honey worldwide. The New Zealand Honey Company product range spans a large variety, and it is the integrity of these products John Ware, CEO of the New Zealand Honey Company looks to protect.

The Problem

Manuka honey fraud occurs when honey is diluted with a cheaper alternative but is still passed off as the premium product, fetching a higher price compared to the price it was produced for.

The Southern China Morning Post reported that ‘honey’ seized by authorities consisted of 0% real honey, and instead contained a mixture of cane sugar and 187milligrams of aluminium per 1 kilogram of fake ‘honey’. The fraudulent honey was produced for 10 yaun and retailed for up to 40 to 60 yaun.

Mr Ware realised the debilitating effects honey fraud can have on the New Zealand Honey Company brand, and sought a system that would both prove the origin of his products and exonerate his company if fraud occurred.

The Solution

‘Fingerprinting’ products offers producers a chance to use forensic science to ensure their products are of the highest integrity source of supply and to verify the true origin of the products themselves.

Oritain developed a New Zealand Honey Company fingerprint, one that differentiates New Zealand Honey Company products from other regional, national and international producers. The New Zealand Honey Company fingerprint cannot be tampered without detection, unlike traditional traceability systems, providing a robust, science based method of tractability.

Equally imperative, the Origin of New Zealand Honey Company products can now be determined to the batch line the product came from, providing accurate traceability.

The Outcome

The New Zealand Honey Company became partners with Oritain in 2012 and Oritain’s Certification of Origin ‘TrustMark’ can be found on a number of New Zealand Honey Company products.

Additionally, New Zealand Honey Company, with Oritain, have implemented an auditing regime that can be utilised when needed. “We now have an audit regime in place that will test products from the shelf. Oritain has the systems and approvals to return honey to New Zealand for testing”

“Customers can verify from an independent source that our product is genuine New Zealand Honey.” Says Ware.

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