The Oritain system can verify the origin of an egg and also verify between husbandry types – once we establish the farm of an egg we can identify free range from caged.

In a market where free range eggs often capture a 50% premium, there is significant temptation to substitute product for economic gain which will in time devalue the whole industry.

People who buy free-range eggs spend more money and expect to get what they pay for. Unfortunately it is hard to tell one egg from another when it is in the carton.

By using the Oritain system, egg producers can demonstrate the value they place in their product and take steps toward protecting it from substitution.

How it works

Our approach is to measure a suite of naturally occurring chemical elements and where appropriate, ratios of stable isotopes.

These properties existing naturally in the environment are then transferred into animals’ produce such as eggs. They are further influenced by feed and various housing factors for hens.

Because these properties vary with geography, through scientific analysis we are able to create a chemical fingerprint of the egg’s origin.

What happens when things go wrong?

As a customer of ours, if a situation arises where a question is raised about the authenticity or origin of one of your products, we encourage you to call us straight away.

Examples could include:

  • A safety concern following the consumption of your branded product
  • Suspicion that a product bearing your brand is not yours – it has been substituted with an inferior product.
  • Something is detected that shouldn’t be there – a toxin or chemical

In all of these circumstance the first question you want answered is, “is the product genuine and did it come from our farm?” This is a question Oritain will answer for you.

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