Your brand promise and your reality – what risk are you taking?

A brief browse through websites and you’ll see a whole host of lofty brand promises that food companies are making to their customers.
Marketers love a good brand claim because they offer ‘differentiation’, ‘perceived value’ and ‘emotionally engage’ their target audience.  Marketers will always push the boundaries of what is acceptable but overpromising adds huge risk to the reputation of the brand.
The ‘gap’ between your promise and your reality is a big risk that brands are choosing to take. Customers will be unforgiving if they feel misled or the brand promise is not kept.
There are hundreds of brand promises out there that are unlikely to be matching the reality.
  • “We do all we can to protect our milk”
  • “Uncompromised commitment to continual improvement”
  • “Clean and green”
  • “World class”
  • “The best beef and lamb”
  • “Hive to home”
  • “The taste you can trust”
The last one on that list was a promise made by ‘Nanna’s’ which is (or was) a frozen berry brand in Australia.
The Promise: Nanna’s, the taste that you can trust.
The Reality: The brand was the centre of a huge product recall due to a Hepatitis A outbreak.
Now it’s important to state that no Nanna’s products actually tested positive for E.coli or Hepatitis A, but the damage was already done. Dozens of people fell ill and the scandal financially cost the company $14,000,000 and a lot in reputational damage.
So if you are promising to do all you can to protect your milk then you’d better be doing all that you can to protect your milk. And if you claim you can trace your honey back to the hive then you need to be able to trace your honey back to the hive. Because if you’re leaving a gap between your promise and your reality, the costs could be significant.
At Oritain the ‘gap’ is a risk for us too. Our business is built on the trust we have with our customers and if we don’t deliver on our promises, we’ll be in trouble. That is why we spend a lot of time with our customers explaining our capabilities, what is possible and what is more difficult. When you work with us, you’ll know clearly what our promise is.

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