Oritain Sponsor the Roux Scholarship for 2017

Oritain is proud to share with Qatar Airways, The Caterer, Laurent Perrier and twelve other distinguished businesses a passion for quality and authenticity in food. And, like them, Oritain is delighted and privileged to be an official 2017 Roux Scholarship sponsor.
The leaders of the now globally renowned Roux legacy, brothers Albert and Michel Roux, are credited with revolutionizing the British food industry since their arrival over sixty years ago. Michel, who followed his brother Albert to London, was appalled by England’s food scene: low quality, poorly prepared dishes characterized the offerings of restaurants and retailers everywhere.
“It was the dark ages,” Roux told audiences of 2012 Good Food series, The Roux Legacy. “Nobody was serving decent food. I’m not even talking about good food. You would go to the Lyons Corner House where they would give you bleached bread and vegetables saturated with water. It was inedible.”
The ill health of England’s food industry was the result of a profound lack of knowledge and care about food and how to prepare it in British culture at the time. By introducing their passion for quality, authenticity and integrity of food in their cuisine, and educating a new generation of chefs in their restaurants, the Roux brothers made the British food industry a better, healthier place. Having left France and its world-leading food industry decades ago because society was burdened with, in Michel’s words, ‘a lot of corruption’, the Roux brothers now operate to restore integrity to the food industry.
The aspirations we share with the Roux family of integrity, expertise and professionalism is why we at Oritain find this sponsorship opportunity to be a particularly fitting one.
Oritain are the leaders in proving the origin of food using a method of traceability that goes beyond the packaging or labelling of a food product. Oritain’s ‘Scientific Traceability’ method uses the naturally occurring properties that exists within our food to link it to its origin in order to secure supply chains and provide trust for brands and producers.
Culinary excellence is about providing authentic and quality foods to people around the world, and we believe that the education and development of this message with the Roux Scholarship is valuable.
We look forward to the official launch of the 2017 competition on Monday, 7 November.

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