The Origin system is applicable across aquaculture sectors including;

  • Farmed Salmon
  • Farmed Trout
  • Shellfish

How it works

A school of fish and a bed of mussels all eating the same food, drinking the same water (or living in it) will have the same chemical fingerprint. A different school or group in another area will have a different profile.

Our approach is to measure a suite of naturally occurring chemical elements and where appropriate, ratios of stable isotopes.

These characteristics pass from the soils and into our rivers and oceans and vary geographically. Oritain uses these characteristics to form a chemical fingerprint of origin, which can be compared directly with that of products in the market, or at any point along the supply chain. This chemical signature doesn’t change and can’t be counterfeited – unlike a sticker label or bar code.

These characteristics vary from country to country and region to region, in some cases oceans and harbours.

We are proud to work with

What happens when things go wrong?

As a customer of ours, if a situation arises where a question is raised about the authenticity or origin of one of your products, we encourage you to call us straight away.

Examples could include:

  • A safety concern following the consumption of your branded product
  • Suspicion that a product bearing your brand is not yours – it has been substituted with an inferior product.
  • Something is detected that shouldn’t be there – a toxin or chemical

In all of these circumstance the first question you want answered is, “is the product genuine and did it come from our farm?” This is a question Oritain will answer for you.

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