Alliance Group

Protecting the trust in the brand.


The Problem

Alliance Group have witnessed first-hand counterfeit goods being labelled under the Alliance brand. Gary Maclennan, Marketing Development Services Manager from Alliance says that representatives of the company saw their brand being illegally reproduced.

“Members of our sales teams have gone overseas and seen it first hand, and it’s hard to believe it would be New Zealand product just by its appearance” says Maclennan.

As Alliance were aware of their brand being counterfeited, they looked to adopt technologies that protected them against the potential repercussions of food fraud.

“We were keen to develop some systems which provided us some assurance around our product and protected us from fraud plus potential food scares” says MacLennan.

The Solution

The Alliance Group recognise their customers place a huge amount of trust in their brand and that’s something worth protecting.

By adopting Oritain technology, Alliance Group are able to provide consumers with the reassurance that product with the Alliance brand is protected. This was a useful way of showcasing transparency and integrity to customers as well as protecting the brand against potential threats.

“We certainly sell that message to our customers, it’s another string to our bow,” says Maclennan.

The Outcome

Alliance Group was able to implement Oritain into their strategy to protect the brand against potential threats of food fraud and confirm to their customers the unique origin of their products.

“Oritain has become a part of an important strategy of ours, customers have trust in our supply chain and our government systems” says Maclennan.

“Primarily it’s about protecting your brand and the trust that goes with that, whenever [fraud] is happening and you don’t know the background of the product, you need a system in place to prove it’s not your product.”

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